The Rhino Convention Centre is a complex consisting of four venues, namely Jackals & Wolf, the White Rhino Hall, Black Rhino Hall and the lush Amphitheatre Garden. {get specifics of occupancy for each and bullet if needed}. The venues may be booked individually or combined to suit larger events, and to provide a variation of function and ambiance.

The Rhino Convention Centre is a fully licensed premises, making it ideal for weddings, parties and social events.

So much more than just a venue, the Rhino Convention Centre also offers state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment for crystal clear conference communication or rump-thumping beats at your music event.


Jackals & Wolf

Jackals & Wolf is a functional a la carte café, and spacious hall, ideal for music performances, large family events and conferences. Jackals & Wolf seats 260 in theatre configuration and leads out to the subtropical amphitheatre garden to provide ample breathing room.

  • Seats 260
  • Bathrooms
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Garden Access
  • Café
  • Attached Kitchen
  • Cloakroom and Reception Counter
  • Bar Counter
  • Food Service Counter
  • Attached to Executive Conference Room

White Rhino Hall

The White Rhino Hall is a large thatched rondavel that seats 190 in theatre configuration. Equipped with a projector and sound system, the space is ideal for medium-sized conferences and entertainment events. The White Rhino Hall hosts The Gathering Place church congregation on Sundays.

The White Rhino Hall interior
  • Seats 190
  • Bathrooms behind Black Rhino
  • Indirect Wheelchair Access
  • Leads onto parking
  • Conference audiovisual equipment
  • Air-conditioning

Black Rhino Hall

The Black Rhino Hall is the most intimate of the spaces at the Rhino Convention Centre, seating 60 people in theatre configuration. The in-house audiovisual equipment is ready for your conference needs!

  • Seats 60
  • Bathrooms at the back
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Leads onto parking
  • Conference audiovisual equipment

Executive Conference Suite

The Executive Conference Suite is your boardroom in the wild! Private, secure and suited for 8, this is the ideal space to turn discussions into resolutions.


The Amphitheatre in the Jackals & Wolf garden is a beautiful open air space for informal forum discussions, light music and entertainment.