The Tune of June

With the chilly winter wind making its appearance this past week, there is every good reason to visit the Rhino Convention Centre for a spot of warmth and comfort.

The Fever Tree Restaurant is keeping a proud Jackals & Wolf tradition alive with their offering of piping hot, cinnamon-sugar encrusted pancakes accompanied by steaming cups of coffee. Everything about this feels cosy, especially the price. The same can be said for the variety of curries, casseroles and other cuisine that is lovingly conjured into being in the Fever Tree kitchen. Breakfast, lunch and (now also) dinner offerings change throughout the week, so may you want to head over to to stay abreast of things.

Fever Tree Restaurant always offers something interesting!

“Pasta” may as well have been the Italian word for comfort. Ciao Bella Beautiful Food and its Eataly Bistro use this magical substance, and other yummy num-nums, to full effect for this purpose. In the coming weeks you may have an urge to get the old stove and oven going, and when you do, you would certainly want to have an arsenal of gourmet cooking and baking ingredients from this gem of a deli.

Freeworld Coffee is again roasting and grinding the most selectable and delectable beans in the world for your pleasure. Moving back to its previous address (to the right of the Jackals & Wolf Hall when facing the RCC), Freeworld will soon start to offer its signature Freeworld (Lowveld) Rum to visitors. Do by all means stop by for a glimpse of the most beautiful copper still!

Need a seasonal style-up? Halim and Co. at the Big 5 Mediterranean Barber have you covered.

With the recent escalation of the COVID-19 alertness level, we are again limited in the number of people that we are allowed to host at any given time. Thankfully, we have all the protocols in place to welcome smaller groups for various activities. The current regulations allow church gatherings, dance and pilates classes to continue, as long as we stay safe and look out for each other. We wish you health and safety for this month and we look forward to seeing you at the Rhino Convention Centre! 

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