Rhino Convention Centre is very much alive!

Now in Phase IV of the COVID-19 lockdown, the Rhino Convention Centre has regained some activity and will be gaining momentum as restrictions ease!

Dr. Jaco Blignaut has been there all along to help and heal (for which we are grateful), and will stay the course as your favourite GP. Note that COVID-19 symptoms should be reported telephonically and best to call in for an appointment to avoid disappointment or long waiting times on (015) 7931894. CallĀ 084 770 1743 in case of severe emergency only.

Ciao Bella Beautiful Food is pronto/pronta to serve up the delicious food that you have been craving. Ready-to-eat meals or ingredients for your own culinary experiments are within reach. We South Africans mitsakenly use “ciao” to say “goodbye” – it really means “Hellooooo”. Answer the call.

Blue Swallow Integrity Services are still assisting with fingerprint and record clearance and background checks. Due to social distancing rules, we are not allowing lines, but contact Marie on 079 529 8880 for an appointment.

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