Medical Services at the Rhino Convention Centre

The Rhino Convention Centre is proud to provide retail space to a number of medical service providers. Joining Dr. Jaco Blignaut, who has been with us for quite some time, we have two new tenants that specialise in the medical field

Armi provides general X-Ray radiology, medical imaging and mammogram screenings. Now patients can get rapid results for tests that were previously only available outside of town, get a faster and more accurate diagnosis, and ultimately heal faster. Contact them on 0812532807 or

Armi for X-Ray radiology, medical imaging and mammogram screenings

Ampath Pathologists provide a pathological blood testing service that assists in the diagnosis of various conditions. It is heartening to know that patients can receive fast and accurate malaria tests, especially at the start of the malaria season in this region.

Ampath tests blood specimens for a variety of conditions, including malaria

We are pleased to provide a base for these great service providers in our ongoing effort to serve the local community in new ways!

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