Ciao Bella! Say ‘hello’ to beautiful food!

The Rhino Convention Centre takes great pleasure in welcoming its new tenant, Ciao Bella delicatessen!

Ciao Bella is your first port of call for local and imported gourmet food and baking ingredients. Olives, pomodoro, polenta, couscous and a host of other yummy goodies jostle for space on Ciao Bella’s shelves. Warning: You may as well ditch the shopping list, because you are sure to find items that you didn’t think would be available in Hoedspruit!

Ciao Bella is also a mecca for professional and craft bakers, stocking specialist decorations, ingredients and other products to add that special touch – including the actual cherry on top.

With friendly and knowledgeable staff in-store, you can be sure to request items that you need and expect Ciao Bella to source only the finest.

In bocca al lupo, Ciao Bella! May your flavours fill many hearts with joy.

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