Back in Action!

Under the latest COVID-19 regulations, the Rhino Convention Centre can again welcome conferences of less than 50 participants. We go to great lengths to ensure compliance and safety, and have initiated an effective sanitisation regime to help to protect you when you visit.

We can again offer sit-down dining, but also make all of our meals to go. Pop in for the loveliest toasted sandwiches, filled pancakes and more! Also come and see what the oven has to offer this week, be it rusks or ginger snaps.

Fresh Buttermilk Rusks… Mmmmm….

Note that our retailers are also all back up to speed. Come for a (long overdue) man-scaping session at the Big 5 Mediterranean Barber or pick up fine gourmet fare at Ciao Bella Deli. All of our medical and diagnostic tenants are still ready to serve. And, now as before, you get to kick off (or top off) your visit with a fine cup of Free World Coffee in the foyer.

Welcome back Hoedspruit!

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