Ahhhh…. Freeworld Coffeeworks

Nothing in Hoedspruit says “Good Morning!” better than the aroma of freshly roasted and ground coffee emanating from Freeworld Coffeeworks.

Freeworld Coffeeworks has been brewing your favourite cuppa for the past 4 years, earning HQ privileges among Hoedspruit’s army of café aficionados. Every weekday morning the loyal legion lines up in single file behind owner (and Presidente de por Vida) Michau Van Gass’ gleaming espresso machine for caffeination and strat. Each and every paper cup is the proverbial field marshall’s baton, pure carpe diem in liquid form. And topped with foam if you like.

El Presidente Michau Van Gass

That Freeworld Coffeeworks has engendered such loyalty among the locals, tells us at least one thing for certain – the coffee is amazing. We may look to other mysterious and magical workings of the barista-in-chief for this success, but it is clear that hard won knowledge forms the base. Michau carefully selects the best beans from the best suppliers, roasting them to perfection and grinding them as close to service as possible. The tuned espresso machine in consort with his watchful eye deliver the coup de grâce – a steaming cup brimming with unsurpassable flavour – chop-chop.

You can also get your Joe on-the-go. Freeworld Coffeworks is a coffee wholesaler, so you can bag the magic and make it your own way.

Inside the café, couches invite moments of quiet reverie, where visions take shape and plans may form. The shaded porch offers a large communal table for spontaneous chats and trade in scuttlebutt. The espresso counter is for the die-hards: you know who you are. Regardless, wherever you find yourself at Freeworld Coffeeworks, you find yourself. And the flavour finds you.

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