2020 – What to Expect at the RCC!

It’s a new year and a new decade and our doors are wide open to welcome you!

For 2020, our resolution is to connect more with you, in more ways than ever.
Starting where we left off last year, we will continue to have wonderfully chilled evening markets for crafts, food and light quality entertainment. We are actively expanding our crafters network and working on a variety of meal choices – and incredibly excited about both! Look out for the event notifications on our website or Facebook page and be sure to tell your friends about this interesting and relaxing time out.

The Rhino Convention Centre, is a true fulcrum for community empowerment, and in February we are proud to host hospitality workshops by Sam Training. Samkeliso and associates will teach you the fine art of towel-folding along with other hospitality and housekeeping secrets. Your attendance will also earn you a certificate of attendance to show prospective employers. We expect to host many similar life-enhancing events in 2020, and we will keep you posted right here and on Facebook.

As always, the RhinoCon will host a number of conservation focussed events this year, and we will report on these as they happen. Live music events, art exhibitions, fund raisers, cultural events and conferences  are starting to dot our calendar! If you haven’t yet, please follow us on Facebook or add our website to your home screen for easy access to the best events in Hoedspruit!

We hope that 2020 is getting you as excited as we are, and our prayer is that all of our extended family (and that means you!) to have a year that is filled with variety and abundance. We expect to welcome you for work conferences, for joyous celebrations and good old togetherness. And we are looking forward to ever minute!

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