2020 Hindsight

It is safe to say that, at this time last year, nobody had any idea what kind of year 2020 would become. This has indeed been the most challenging year that many of us have ever personally experienced, and one that has severely impacted the way in which we do business, socialise and learn. That said, we at the Rhino Convention Centre are grateful to still be able to open our doors, to welcome our wonderfully supportive Hoedspruit community.

This year has reminded us of a number of things that we should really never forget. Firstly, we have been reminded of our place in nature, and our inescapable integration with it. While we may be at the “top of the food chain”, this does not give us a license for arrogance. Nature herself is quite capable of bringing us back to size with something that is far “lower” in sophistication and intellect, should we be so silly as to think that it all revolves around us. Let’s all remember that Nature is a stickler for efficiency, and if we insist on being messy, wasteful and harmful to other species, we will not make the statistical cut. Ask mammoths. If 2021 is to be a better year, let us be better at being human – by protecting other people and species, by sharing talent and by yielding the beauty in our hearts.

Similarly, we have also been reminded that we do not live in a vacuum with respect to each other. As humans we have a very real dependency on each other in terms of resources, skills, knowledge and emotional support. Few of us can honestly claim to have survived the COVID-19 quarantine without some form of assistance from others in our community. Our modern lifestyle has almost convinced us that we are pure individuals that chart our own course across the fields of destiny. Now in hindsight, we hopefully realise that we are part of a larger whole, that supports and assists the individual in a synergistic way.

Now that we are entering a time of rest and celebration, let’s remember that we are still dealing with an infectious virus, and that we should be extra careful to protect our loved ones when we interact. As we celebrate Christmas and New Year, let’s remember that we are fortunate to be celebrating at all and that we should celebrate life itself. As we rest, let us contemplate whatever good fortune has been bestowed on us.

The Rhino Convention Centre will be closing for the Festive Season break on the 15th of December, and we will open our doors again on the 11th of January 2021. Until then we wish you a joyous festive season filled with love and gratitude!

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